Press Start

i’m taking the last train home tonight
i’m drinking but i can’t get drunker than this
i’m going home alone again with a checklist of my ex-best friends
and a headache the size of your little white lies
blood dripping from my head into sore black eyes
place my head between my hood and the vent
walk home from the station
no friends

killing time by killing myself slowly
drugs and booze and tobacco companies own me
you said you never meant any harm
but you meant what you did
now i’m hurt and you’re alarmed
i’m a replaceable fixture in your house
i’m a dispensable character from your past
and i’m not feeling safe, come on pick up the fucking phone
i can’t accept when this night ends i’m going home alone

i’m running far away from my problems (its me vs. them!)
i’m not waiting for you to decide what to pack (its me vs. them!)
i’m not talking california
there’s never been a better time to get out of america

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